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High-volume organics buying has other advantages as well, such as fresher and more abundant organic produce, much of it from local growers.  Our combination of high quality and low prices on natural as well as conventional foods allows our patrons to come to us for both special needs and everyday shopping. This is a niche unique to our situation here in the Rogue Valley, and we know our customers enjoy the convenience. Ashland’s Shop'n Kart is an independently owned grocery store based in Ashland Oregon. Our store philosophy is centered on balance. Like most of our customers, we enjoy natural and organic food as well as "conventional" brands.  Our customers' love of nature, and natural foods has allowed us to become powerful buyers of natural and organic products. This allows us to offer prices so low that it's unlikely you'll find another store in the country that can compete with us.  Ashland’s Local Low Price Leader!
541-488-1579 7am - Midnight, 7 days a week limited hours on holidays View Map
2268 Ashland Street, Ashland, Oregon 97520
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Thursday April 17th at 4pm:  Lorelli Friday April 18th at 4pm: Jonathan with Grapex Saturday April 19th at 2pm: Ky’s Beer Picks Saturday April 19th 2pm: Foris Thursday April 24th at 4pm: Cliff Creek Cellars Saturday April 25th 4pm: EdenVale Thursday April 26th at 2pm: Cliff Creek Cellars / Sierra Nevada
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